BoiseEnergy Program

Gentleman, Restart Your Engines!

runningThe BoiseEnergy low testosterone process offers a quick and easy way to diagnose and treat low testosterone. We believe every man deserves to feel virile, have abundant energy, and experience better moods.


Here is how the program works:

Testosterone supplementation should help you enjoy better health and give you more energy. BoiseEnergy has a complete testosterone treatment program that will help you on your path to good health. Our medical team will take a thorough history and will monitor your progress throughout the program. It is important to make sure your testosterone levels are tracked and adjusted to YOUR needs. This is an individualized program. You should see almost immediate improvement in your your energy levels and your overall quality of life.


Testosterone therapy to correct Low Testosterone can be performed one of two ways:

  • Testosterone injections – administered weekly by self-administration or our in-house nurse.
  • Topical testosterone cream that is applied to the skin once or twice per day.

Injections are done with a small 23 gauge needle. While some choose this method because no additional treatment is required throughout the week, others prefer the topical cream. Both methods are effective and will give you the results you are seeking, but with cream, caution needs to be taken when coming into contact with your family as the creams can be transferred to other members of your family. As part of the BoiseENERGY program, we also administer HCG to keep your own testosterone viable. In addition, we test for and control estrogen. You will be instructed as to how to administer your medications or you can come in to the office or you can schedule a 10 minute office visit where we can administer your injections.



Generally, our patients have the following results on our program:


Week 1 to 2
Lifting of a depression they didn’t realize they had – a general increase in enthusiasm and zest for life. Plus, increased mental sharpness.


Week 2 to 3
Increase in energy and metabolism levels, as well as dreams and morning erections.


Week 3 to 4
Noticeable increase in muscle mass and loss of fat – particularly if you are active and watch your diet. This will continue to increase the longer you are on our program.


Week 4 to 5
Increase in male sex drive – increased interest, performance, and satisfaction.



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Where are we located?

The BoiseEnergy program is located inside Silk Touch Medical Spa, Laser and Lipo Center. We added this new and exciting program for men to our practice in 2013. To schedule an appointment please call Silk Touch at 939-3110. Or request an appointment online here.